Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to find informix cost factor

Cost factor of a table is used to measure the performance of the sql executions. When your table cost factor is high, it will decrease the sql exection . That means it will get some times to generate resultsets of the sql.
Here is the way to measure informix cost factor.
Example :-
set explain on;
select * from table
  • Use set explain on; before your sql stetement in telnet client in dbaccess mode in informix.
  • Then exit dbaccess mode and type "ls -ltrh" in your home directory.
  • This will list all the files. Go to end. You will find a file called as "sqexplain.out".
  • Vi the file. Then press "shift+g" to end of the file to see your table cost factor details.

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